It Will be Better If Stains Cleaned Soon When Still Wet

Almost every house has a carpet. Carpet provide comfort and a sense of wanting to gather every family member You might be accustomed to talking on various topics on the living room, bedroom, or even reading room rugs. The warm impression caused by the carpet might make you spend a lot of time there. So you will maintain the cleanliness of the carpet so as not to cause disease. When you don’t have much time to clean the carpet, you can contact the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. They have professionals to keep your carpet clean and fragrant, at an affordable price. The advantage is you do not have to bother cleaning independently. Just leave for a few days, then your carpet will be clean again.


So what if your carpet is stained accidentally and must be cleaned immediately? You can use simple ingredients that can be obtained from the kitchen. Stains of food or drinks are usually easier to clean, especially if the stain is still very new. Use soda water to deal with coffee stains. In addition, salt is also suitable for lifting or absorbing new stains. While baking soda powder effectively absorbs unpleasant odors that stick to carpet fibers. Sprinkle large amounts of powder on the carpet. Let it sit for 30 minutes or overnight for better results to allow enough time for the powder to work to soften the stain and absorb unpleasant odors. Suck powder using a vacuum cleaner.

For new stains on the surface, clean it as quickly as possible before it is completely dry and soak into the carpet material. Remember, don’t be tempted to rub the stain so that it doesn’t get wider or soak into the carpet. Just pat it. Also, do not delay cleaning new stains. Because when the stain has been absorbed, it will be quite difficult to clean. Your carpet can be dull and smell bad. Other family members may be uncomfortable with the stain.

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