Do you have a problem? this is the secret to fixing the door lock problem

Many parts of the house are often used, one of which is the door. The name is often used, whatever it is, there must be a useful life and one day will wear out. For the affairs of the house door, if not the hinge part, the lock part of the door will one day be a problem. In this article, I will explore how to fix a door lock problem. Practical and dismantling the secrets of the craftsmen. I will start from the problem that is the easiest way to fix the door lock problem, no need to unload so that it really needs to be unloaded. Apart from that, you may want to check out locksmith Washington DC NW just in case you need a reliable locksmith near your area.

Fix the problem of a door lock that is dragged or jammed

Most door locks have a mechanism that is a little tricky because in it there is a kind of rotating gear, which is when using a key. fix the door lock problem, how do you do it? For a long time, wear must occur, especially for doors that are directly exposed to open space or weather. When wear occurs, consequently turning the key will feel difficult, drag or even not play at all.

Use spray lubricant

Commonly called penetrant or lubricant or lubricating liquid. In the market, there is a lot of sprays available. If when playing the key starts it often feels difficult and dragging, overcome by spraying into the keyhole, lubricating liquid. I used to use chain lube, cheap and easy to get everywhere.

Liquid lubricant sprayed into the keyhole will re-lubricate the gears in the keyhole. The trick is to spray with a sloping direction up, down, left and right. Don’t be perpendicular because it will spray outwards. After being sprayed sufficiently, wait a while for the lubricating liquid to penetrate the gears.

After that, enter the key and rotate it several times so that the lubricating liquid also spreads to all parts of the rotating lock mechanism. After this, the key issues that drag and jam will be resolved.

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