Are You Addicted to Gadgets? Here Some Tips to Overcome Them

All activities now require internet. the internet will provide solutions to the life problems experienced. Although good influence, on the other hand, technological sophistication also gives a negative effect, one of which is called gadget freak (gadget addicts). In fact, addicted gadgets that are too long can interfere with health and make life a mess. Therefore, it must be addressed immediately. For those of you who are already addicted to gadgets and want to overcome them, here are tips that can be tried:

– Do not hold the gadget before bed
Avoid playing smartphone before bed in order to rest up to the maximum. Hours before going to bed is usually a favorite time to open the phone. The light mobile phone can make eyes more literate and hard to sleep.

– Find interesting activities
Everyone has different hobbies without gadget support. For example exercising, painting, singing, cleaning the house or reading a book. Fun activities can make people forget the time and avoid the favorite gadgets.

– Use only 1 social media
Often we check social media when there is no notification whatsoever. Or update our daily activities throughout the social media we have. Though many interesting things we can do in the real world. Some events that occur in the real world may not necessarily be shared through a photo or video upload in cyberspace, but we save in memory only. Well, how to overcome this gadget addiction is certainly difficult to do.

– Do not use power bank
Bringing the power of the bank at all times would be beneficial if the gadgets that we have suddenly run out of power when needed. But with the availability of our power bank so no need to worry about the gadget that at any time can die. Try starting to leave the power bank and set the use of gadgets as possible so that we do not have to run out of power when really need gadgets. This will automatically make us touch the gadget only when needed only.

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