Apparently, These Some Healthy Food Has High Calories And Bad For Health

Health is one of the things that you must guard because it will have a big impact on your life as a whole. As a human being, there will be things that can make your health decline. Starting from the food you eat, too bad habits. Usually, a person will feel that their health deteriorates because of two things, but there are several other factors that can also cause their health decline.

What you need to know anyway is that some foods that often you think this healthy can actually make you consume very high calories. Some of the food in question is

– Chocolate
Who wants to chew the sweet-sweet, would want to eat chocolate instead? Well, did you know that chocolate mentioned comes with a calorific value of 598 calories with size per 100 grams of it! Well if that is consumed bar chocolate bars alias, about per 101 grams then the calories contained in it there are about 604 calories. Chocolate alone, per one ounce, is approximately 28 grams of course already contains 167 calories.

– Dried fruits
Make no mistake, dried fruits also go into the list of snacks that have high calories. Per size 1/2 cup or 80 grams, dried fruits like dried cherries already have 266 calories, then dried blueberries contain 254 calories, followed by dried pear or dried pears with 236 calories, then there are raisins that turn out per 80 grams only already accounts for 217 calories.

– Oats
Snacks are usually made as breakfast foods have a very high level of calories about 500 calories per cup is served or about 90 grams. This is the pure calorie oats value before you add it to milk or yogurt.

– Potato chips
keep in mind that one serving is usually about one ounce or eighteen pieces of traditional potato chips that already give a caloric value of 150 to 200, which is thirty-six potato chips just means the calories are already in the 400 numbers.

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