5 Reasons to have your own server

Many may know that for this situation they have to use their own servers but still do not want to move because the reasons for dedicated are too expensive or do not need it. On the other hand that site , you can visit that site of ours to find out about one of the best web hosting services in the country.

Even if we pay attention if we use our own server there are so many benefits and advantages, here are the explanations:

1) Controlling Data

If you switch to a dedicated / colocation server then you will get full control such as managing and managing data input both database and web. With good security, others don’t easily see what you store on your own server so privacy is maintained.

2) You can Build Your Own Service

Having a dedicated server allows you to build your own web hosting service, of course, it must be accompanied by the right technical understanding as well.

3) Reliability

Shared Hosting is reliable, but if you use a dedicated / colocation server it will be very reliable because when you use shared hosting, you share server space with other people and they can take many resources that will affect your website. Whereas if you use dedicated / colocation from a good hosting service then you do not have to share the server and have full control settings for these resources.

4) Access to Administration

In using shared hosting you are not given administrative access so in some cases, this greatly limits what you want to do with your website. It’s different if you invest with a dedicated server. You will be given administrative root access which allows you to install the program and configure the program in custom.

5) Technical Support Support

When you decide to use a dedicated server at a trusted hosting company then you have the opportunity to get priority technical support from the web hosting company with a quick response time to resolve your problem. Experienced technicians will inform and provide advice/input that you need when you experience website/troubleshooting problems, change server settings or perform other functions so that the website can run normally using service management.

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